We accelerate customer outcomes with our differentiated solution accelerators – CodinGarage, Enterprise WatchTower360, OpenWeave, and Bi-Focal Database Solution

Our Productized Solution Accelerators

Our Productized Solution Accelerators – CodinGarage, Enterprise WatchTower360, OpenWeave, and Bi-Focal Database Solution enable us to deliver our services in an agile and cost-effective way.


CodinGarage raises the bar with Cloud FinOps using a data-driven solution, built on established frameworks and cutting-edge custom tools. Our seamless journey empowers you to gain instant cost transparency and granular visibility into your cloud resources, driving informed decision-making.
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Enterprise WatchTower360

Enterprise WatchTower360 stands as a reliable Observability solution, utilizing open-source toolsets to empower organizations with the insights and traceability required to maintain optimal performance and reliability in today's dynamic IT landscape.
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OpenWeave stands as a modular and open-source-driven DevOps solution, providing organizations with the tools and flexibility needed to streamline their development processes. With a focus on collaboration and automation, OpenWeave is poised to accelerate software delivery and enhance the overall efficiency of DevOps workflows.
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Bi-Focal Database Solution

Bi-Focal Database Solution is a versatile solution catering to OLAP and OLTP needs, specializing in MariaDB, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Chistadata, and Cassandra databases. It offers comprehensive services including architecture, design, administration, performance tuning, and seamless migrations. Ensuring peak efficiency enhances responsiveness and reduces latency, vital for organizations with real-time transactional processing or complex analytical queries.
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Policy Xpress is our exclusive solution designed to deliver tailored management policies for cloud platforms. It empowers organizations to efficiently manage and optimize their cloud resources across multiple providers, including AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI. Policy Xpress ensures robust cloud governance and cost efficiency in the ever-evolving cloud landscape.
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KubeVantage revolutionizes Kubernetes container management with its state-of-the-art platform, tackling challenges like complexity, interoperability, and migration. Its infrastructure-agnostic and application-centric design, coupled with a flexible and programmable architecture, empowers organizations to efficiently manage and scale their containerized applications throughout the entire application lifecycle. Experience unmatched efficiency and scalability, propelling your operations toward excellence with KubeVantage.
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