Cloud Cost Conquered

CodinGarage is a trusted guide for conquering the cloud spend challenge – a problem chasing countless public cloud adopters.

Common challenges faced by organizations with their cloud adoption and cost management.

Rising cloud costs due to limited cloud cost awareness
Lack of Visibility
Inefficient resource utilization
Limited opportunity to reduce spend on cloud
Collaboration Issues
Legacy Cost Modeling
Ability to scale for Projected Data and User Growth.

CodinGarage - The Codincity Differentiated Solution in Finops Arena

CodinGarage represents our philosophy of helping customers to achieve their maximum out of their Cloud spend. Our principles are aligned across three major towers: Cost Visibility, Cost Optimization through best practices and elevated Cost reporting through mature cost governance model.
key differentiators

The key differentiators of the solution


Our solution brings provide real-time insights into your cloud costs with detailed breakdowns by department, project, resource, and service This approach provides a clear understanding of the areas one should focus and bring accountability to the teams involved.  Get crystal-clear insights into your cloud spending, identify hidden costs for optimization.

Cost Optimization

Automated review of your cloud environments against best practices to Identify underutilized resources and wasted resources. Help taking decision with right sizing and to enable scaling based on usage patterns. Better methods to leverage committed use discounts for cloud providers.

Standardized Governance Model

Core of the Finops revolve around continuous cost reporting and optimization of the resources. Best in class governance Model to support business that will enable and improve resource efficiency, agility, and decision-making.