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Build a career empowered by innovation and technology.

Stop your job search. Join Codincity and become a Codiner for a joyful career

If you are looking to be part of something much larger than your current dream then reserve your front seat for a journey of a lifetime. We transform Cloud paradigms of enterprises and develop cloud-native products & solutions driven by cloud-native software development, micro-services, containers, DevOps CI/CD automation, Infrastructure as code and many more… Codincity is your opportunity to soak yourself into cloud native world!

Access to new tech

We are always excited to leverage the latest and futuristic technologies to simplify and solve our client’s complex problems. We partner with top tech companies across the globe, get all the support you need to gain knowledge, learn and practice new skills.

Learn new competencies

Codiners work on solutions to translate new ideas to reality. We build new solutions and solve complex problems. In this journey, a Codiner not only enhances their technical skills, but will also acquire elevated skills such as design thinking, problem solving skills, flowing creativity and many more.

Joyful workplace

We believe in nurturing a creative culture cultivated by fun initiatives. You excel in an environment that is a combination of work, fun, learning, problem solving and performing.

Code your future

Reward for a Codiner isn’t just the pay cheque. It is enriched with longevity bonus, performance rewards and many more. At Codincity, you don’t work with us, you shape your future with us.

Our culture defines us. Your growth is Codincity growth. Scale with us.