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Focus on what matters, we'll handle the cloud

Let our experts manage your cloud, you manage your business.

Run it smart

Our Managed cloud operations offer an integrated operational solution that combines Platform Ops, FinOps, and DevOps services to streamline governance and execution, resulting in enhanced efficiency and improved cost and security control.

Our platform, CodinGarage, delivers Applied AI operations, bringing advanced intelligence to every stage, from monitoring to dashboarding. This allows for better insights and optimal performance throughout the entire operational process. We leverage Applied AI to make your cloud operations intelligent and smarter.

We use the power of automation for minimal intervention and deliver high quality.

Platform Ops



Our unique way of managing your cloud

Proactive Monitoring

DevOps & SREs

Dynamic AI powered Dashboards

Round the clock expert support

Automation 1st for scalability

Evergreen Cloud

Keeping your Cloud Evergreen

Cloud can become legacy. With continuous migrations and introduction of new services by CSPs, the architecture can drift away from the desire state.

Codincity managed cloud offering, continuously review your cloud landscape against a well-architected framework using a customized audit framework for future-proofing, performance, and cost-saving.

FinOps – Continuous Optimization

CodinGarage powered by Applied AI offers automated recommendations for cost savings.

Identify Underutilized, Orphaned, Idle Resources and automatically discover cost optimization opportunities. Manage multi-cloud costs with financial accountability, budgets and forecasts through a unified and seamless experience.

Our Proposition

Let us handle the complexities of your cloud infrastructure, so you can focus on driving innovation and growing your business.
Extensive support to cover K8s Operations and Cloud Native services.
Applied AI solutions to make the cloud operations Intelligent driven.
Extreme automation in operations to improve efficiency of the services.
Leverage our Ever Green framework to stay future proofed.
Periodic reviews aligned to Well Architected Framework for betterment of services.