Bi-Focal Database Solution

Bi-Focal Database Solution

Our Bi-Focal Database Solution is a cutting-edge approach to database management that addresses the distinct needs of both OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) and OLTP (Online Transactional Processing) workloads.

Common challenges faced by organizations in traditional and licensed OLTP & OLAP DB Products

Scalability Constraints lead to performance degradation.
Complex Licensing Models can create difficulties in understanding and managing costs.
Limited Customization Options can impede the optimization of database structures.
Integration Challenges can hinder data flow & and collaboration between different components.
High concurrency can decrease performance.
Loading large amounts of data can cause performance issues.
Ability to scale for Projected Data and User Growth.
Limited capabilities across critical aspects including real-time streaming, data replication and batch processing.

Bi-Focal Database Solution – Addressing OLAP & OLTP

Our Bi-Focal Database Solution offers comprehensive database design, architecture, migration and administration services tailored specifically for open-source database products. Designed to meet the unique needs of modern enterprises, our solution provides a seamless and efficient approach to managing your database infrastructure.
Key Highlights

Key highlights of Bi-Focal Database offering

Transactional Databases

Experience specialized support in establishing OLTP databases, including MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, meticulously crafted to meet your unique specifications. Our seamless migration services facilitate a smooth transition from existing database systems to MariaDB or PostgreSQL. We prioritize fine-tuning database configurations and optimizing queries to elevate overall performance. By implementing stringent security measures, we ensure the protection of your database environments. Our comprehensive approach includes robust backup strategies for critical data safeguarding, coupled with the design and implementation of high-availability solutions to ensure continuous database availability. Tailoring solutions to address specific business needs, we offer round-the-clock support with dedicated teams for prompt issue resolution, ensuring your database operations run seamlessly.

Analytical Databases

Receive expert support for the smooth installation and configuration of OLAP products, including ChistaDATA, ClickHouse, and Cassandra, establishing a robust data warehouse infrastructure. Benefit from guidance on efficient data modeling and schema design customized for analytical queries. Our services encompass in-depth performance analysis and fine-tuning to optimize the execution of analytical queries. We specialize in designing and implementing scaling strategies to seamlessly accommodate expanding volumes of analytical data. Ensuring the security of your data warehousing environment, we conduct regular security audits, and vulnerability assessments, and implement access controls. Additionally, we offer custom development solutions tailored to address specific business intelligence and analytical requirements, providing a comprehensive approach to meet your evolving needs.