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The journy of “Application Modernization” can be quite overwhelming. Without a well-defined plan or strategy, attempting to migrate current applications from on-premises to the cloud would likely yield little success. Throughout the modernization process, various new risks arise concerning data, cost, performance, and time to market. It becomes crucial for organizations to partner with a service provider who possesses the necessary business acumen, planning expertise, appropriate tools, execution capabilities, and skilled personnel to ensure a successful Application Modernization journey.

We specialize in refactoring and re-architecting legacy applications, transforming them from monolithic structures to a microservices-based architecture. This enables these applications to seamlessly function as components within a modern IT ecosystem.

Whether your requirements involve a straightforward lift-and-shift migration from on-premises to the cloud, a rip-and-replace strategy when legacy apps have reached their end of life, or the need to expose and extend functionality through APIs, our services are designed to address technology obsolescence risks while enhancing usability, security, and maintainability.
Leveraging our custom tools and accelerators, which are powered by our curated knowledge, you can migrate at an accelerated pace and achieve cost savings of up to 50%.

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When migrating to the cloud, it is crucial to prioritize cost control. Our FinOps services specialize in diligently monitoring and implementing remedial measures to manage the costs of migrated applications. This ensures that your migration process can proceed smoothly, supported by essential business assistance and continuous cost control.

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Application Migration Planning

App and Data Migration to cloud

Technology Upgrades

Throughout every step of the modernization process, we consider the unique needs of your business and employ a risk mitigation approach. This drives us to incorporate the best techniques and modern architectural approaches, ensuring long-term and sustainable results.

Our Proposition

Let us handle the complexities of your cloud infrastructure, so you can focus on driving innovation and growing your business.
A “Smart IT(eration)” approach: Facilitate the rapid delivery of value to your organization.
Extreme automation: Curated knowledge into a wide range of tools (CodinBuilder and CodinScan) and templates that can be utilized throughout the entire process, starting from assessment and extending to migration.
Strong program governance: highly experienced execution leadership team that excels in managing the schedule, cost, and technology risks associated with the migration process.
Business Centric: Recognizing the critical importance of modernization for businesses, our approach goes beyond mere replatforming, refactoring, and rearchitecting of applications.
Cultural and Process Change Leadership: Enable everyone to fully capitalize on the myriad of new cloud-native opportunities.
Proven Technology Leadership: We are dedicated to explore new methodologies, technologies, and best practices that can enhance the modernization process.