Case Study

How Codincity helped Thejo improve performance and save the cost

January 30, 2024

About Customer

Thejo Engineering founded in 1974 is a company that provides industrial solutions for belt conveyor-based bulk material handling systems, mining and mineral processing, and corrosion protection applications. They are pioneers of conveyor belt splicing by cold vulcanizing process. Thejo has a global presence with subsidiaries in Australia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Chile. The company is headquartered in Chennai with 5 manufacturing plants and an R&D Centre approved by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology of India (DSIR). Thejo has now transformed into a Listed Public Limited company. They are the first company to list on the National Stock Exchange of India in this segment.


The client’s essential applications and servers were hosted on Azure as IaaS. They possessed a robust development strategy to broaden their LOB application and foundation and augment their presence on Azure. Their aim was to utilize a greater number of PaaS services and incorporate more cloud-native services and applications. Furthermore, they sought to enhance cost efficiency, bolster reliability, and increase the automation of deployments.

Approach and Solution

Codincity’s approach to addressing the challenges encompassed the implementation of a holistic cloud platform and application release management. This resulted in recommendations spanning security, cost, and operational excellence. The solutions involved the implementation of recommendations based on their impact to the user experience and a cost-benefit analysis that considered the overall application design, technology constraints, and the nature of the business.

Architecture Best Practices

A solution was developed to bring critical applications into alignment with best practices and implement high availability solutions for specific applications. This involved migrating the SAP application to a new environment and enabling a high availability cluster for SQL Servers on Azure. The high availability cluster ensured that the critical applications were always available and running smoothly, even in the event of unexpected downtime or failures. The migration process was carefully planned and executed to minimize disruption to the critical applications. The new environment was thoroughly tested to ensure that it met the requirements of the SAP application and provided the necessary performance and reliability.

AZURE DevOps Pipeline for Application Deployment

By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Azure DevOps Services, the deployment of applications has been fully automated, enabling a robust and efficient deployment pipeline for each application hosted on Azure. This process has been further refined through the implementation of deployment automation across both non-production and production environments, ensuring a seamless and streamlined deployment process.

Cost Optimization with Azure and SQL Service

Evaluated the utilization of licenses and facilitated a reduction in the total cost of ownership for SQL Reporting services on Azure.

Assisted in the restructuring of Azure Services and proposed cost-saving measures by eliminating unused resources. Further cost optimization was achieved through the acquisition of appropriate RI instances for their environment.

Overall improvements from architecture to cost optimization was delivered over a period of 3 months and has had the following benefits delivered to Thejo Engineering.

Benefits Delivered

  • In less than a week, critical issue revolving around business application has been resolved resulting in stable operation of the Financial Application.
  • Optimization of the database and Azure environment involved fine-tuning various parameters and settings to improve the performance of the business-critical finance application.
  • This resulted in a significant increase in the application’s performance, with an improvement of over 25%.
  • The availability of the application was improved to 99.95%, ensuring that it was always accessible to their business users.
  • In addition to these performance improvements, cost-saving measures were implemented across Azure services and license usage. As a result, a cost reduction of 30-40% was achieved, providing significant savings for the organization.

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