Case Study

How Codincity’s FinOps strategy helped Criterion Networks to reduce their monthly cloud spend.

January 30, 2024

About Customer

Criterion Networks help service providers and enterprises around the world transform their network infrastructure with ease and confidence. Criterion SDCloud SaaS platform provides on-demand and custom design, experience, and learning sandbox environments to accelerate the transformation of network infrastructure and services.

Problem Statement

Criterion Networks has their product developed and deployed on AWS. They have been on AWS for the last few years with their AWS Spend gradually increasing. Customer was looking at CodinCity to recommend the ways to improvise their AWS Cloud landscape and suggest ways to reduce the cost variations.

Our Approach & Solution

We broadly addressed these and categorized under three pillars for Cost Analysis.

Reduce Cloud Sprawl

Customer had various test environments that were sprawling across different regions. These were either under utilized or used sporadically. Consolidating these test environments and removal of those resources reduced considerable amount of cost.

Stay relevant and latest

Most of the EC2 instances were using previous generation storage as their EBS volumes. We recommended customer to migrate those storage volumes to latest generation storage volumes. This provided them with performance improvement and cost reduction by ~20%.

Measure, Monitor and Improve

Customer had taken an approach to move to ECS with Fargate. This gave customer opportunity to best utilize the compute resources. We recommended to purchase savings plan for compute that shall give 20% on compute spend.


  • Overall cost reduction by ~20% on the AWS Monthly spend.
  • Improved performance benefits achieved at lower cost with GP3 upgrade.
  • Tag enforcements shall provide better cost visibility to the business.

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