Assure your cloud platform and services

Well Architected framework has been a proven guide that enables one to review an environment against the best practices and design principles aligned to Cloud Services. Clients who have adopted cloud with little standards in the past and who have been unaware of the services that could add value to their business will need attention on regular basis.

Our experienced Cloud Architects perform Well Architect reviews augmented with Codingarage capabilities to future proof your cloud investments.

Our Services helps Clients to get an unbiased assessment view of their environment against well architected framework and best practices. These assessments are largely addressed for these 6 pillars namely, Reliability, Performance, Operations, Security, Sustainability and Cost.

Our Proposition

  • Leverage our AI powered curated knowledge base built over decades of experience.
  • Leverage our In house tools to accelerate the audit.
  • Apply design principles for assessing the environment and provide recommendation for workloads.
  • Leverage our CodinGarage platform that provide a wholistic view across the environment.
  • We look at your operations process to understand and recommend practices that are relevant for the organization.

Why choose us

We deliver zero touch cloud through our platform CodinGarage. Our clients achieve