Accelerated Innovation Delivery (AID)

A solution for FinTech to address Cybersecurity Framework and PCI-DSS compliant cloud platform architecture, deployed in minutes using IaC, for developing and testing applications.

Digital Content Exchange Platform in Real Time (DigiCon-ExPRT)

A cloud enabled solution for secure, fast, and reliable exchange of digital content between publishers and subscribers

Document Processing Transformation (ADoPT)

AI enabled comprehensive and customizable solution, helps businesses automate the document processing 10x faster with significantly lower human intervention

Advanced Data Platform and Serverless Analytics (ADAM-SA)

Advanced Data Aggregation and Management platform for Serverless Analytics (ADAM-SA), is curated solution by Codincity to help businesses benefit from data analytics at a fraction of cost compared to similar on-premises solution.

Sentiment Analysis for Media (SAM)

Accelerated Media Sentiment Analysis solution to enable business adapt strategies based on user sentiments. A cloud native solution that uses AI enabled services for sentiment analysis.

Agile Business Enablement (ABET-DevOps)

A comprehensive solution using cloud native or industry leading toolset for continuous integration and delivery of applications and infrastructure.

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