Replatform database with Cloud Native

As per Analyst report, 75% of databases will be deployed in or migrated to the cloud. Moving on-prem databases to the cloud offers organizations flexibility and scalability, faster infrastructure configuration, consumption-based pricing, and access to a wider variety of database management systems. However, moving databases can be the trickiest part of a cloud migration, often requiring downtime, reworking of data schemas, and refactoring of applications.

We deliver simplified migrations with minimal downtime leveraging serverless solutions to enable auto-scaling for high-performance, uninterrupted data replication at scale.

With a huge expertise in strategizing, planning, migrating and tuning the databases in cloud vastly increases application performance, availability, response time and enhances data governance.

Our Proposition

  • AI Powered assessment platform to analyse the current environment.
  • Design right target platform for scale and performance.
  • Unpacking the benefits and weighing the migration options of Homogeneous/heterogeneous.
  • Serverless migrations to eliminate surprises and are highly performant at scale.
  • Deliver secure by design – Migrate, Validate, Repair the data privileges, and security.

Why choose us

We deliver zero touch cloud through our platform CodinGarage. Our clients achieve