CloudOps helps in tuning, optimization, and better performance of your workloads. Automate the manual tasks associated with managing cloud-based infrastructure. Continuous monitoring of cloud platform to enable rapid detection of compliance issues and security risks involved in the cloud account.


Efficiently manage multi-cloud costs with financial accountability through a unified and seamless experience. Discover cost optimization opportunities, gain visibility, plan, operate with cost-efficiency, and drive down costs while driving up utilization rates.


Secops Increase the visibility of the security infrastructure for stronger security practices. Create and enforce comprehensive policies that maintain the security of cloud environments, Identify the threats and assess the vulnerabilities continuously against the security governance guardrails. Obtain a real-time cloud security posture using a converged policy engine, and get insights into security trends by region, resource, type, and age.


The recommendations dashboard offers insights into the different aspects of cloud governance categories and provides a list of impacted resources and resolution options.


The Codingarage provides an excellent set of compliance reports that provides valuable insights into your cloud account. The reports are powered by rich data transformation and data visualization layers to give you the intelligent insights required.