Enhance with cloud native

New age applications that are developed with containers make good use of the platform along with lot of portability options. Clients have been adopting containers for their greenfield applications and take advantage of the Cloud Provided container engines. However, container adoption is on the lower side for the existing applications as this require transitioning from Virtual machine to container-based solutions.

Our Platform modernization SME’s bring vast experience to modernize your apps with containers, serverless and other cloud native services

Our Services help Clients who are particularly keen to migrate the legacy applications that are written on .NET, Java or JBoss. We also help in seamless deployment of the container-based applications in automated fashion with the CI/CD.

Our Proposition

  • Leverage our CodinGarage to understand existing applications and deep dependencies in the applications.
  • Develop and reuse our existing scripts and templates to build dockerized applications.
  • Enhance your deployment automations with tools for pushing containerized application.
  • Well defined pipeline to deliver containerized images across all the environments.
  • Integrate with existing toolsets for seamless release and deployment of new age applications to production.
  • Applied AI for smarter operations.

Why choose us

We deliver zero touch cloud through our platform CodinGarage. Our clients achieve