The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the speed and scale of cloud adoption. Most organizations are expanding their use of cloud at an accelerated pace to transform the way they interact with their customers, employees, and partners, to maintain their competitive edge and to accelerate innovation.

As the cloud adoption increases, the innovation by the cloud providers is also on the rise. The cloud itself has turned into a marketplace with abundant choice of services. There are many choices on the cloud today. Cloud services are evolving at a rapid pace. Like any other marketplace, cloud providers constantly innovate, introduce new services, and enhance the existing services.

Adoption of cloud has evolved from single cloud to multi cloud or hybrid cloud approach. However, with the ever-evolving market place type of environment, enterprises should think beyond a multi cloud or a hybrid cloud approach.

Some of the top advanced analytics use cases for enterprises:

  • Use Google AMP

  • Responsive Website

  • Use ALT Attributes

The current challenges in the cloud adoption are

  1. With Pandemic placing huge challenge on the business, every enterprise is looking for innovative ways to reach, attract and retain customers. So far, Cloud adoption has always been an inward-looking exercise. IT has looked at the existing workloads and created a cloud strategy. Does this approach support the requirements of business in their innovation journey? Does the cloud strategy help to adopt the right services to support the performance, cost, and innovation requirements?
  2. With the cloud services providers constantly evolving, Cloud services require an Ever-Green strategy. There should be processes to continuously audit, review, and take advantage of new services being introduced, optimise the cost and improve the services performance.

Enterprises should adopt a right cloud strategy which helps them to select right choices of cloud services to support the performance, cost, and innovation requirements of their business.

  1. While adopting cloud, enterprises should elevate their design strategy to the right cloud strategy. They should not only look at the existing workloads, but also expand the design inputs to include and incorporate the innovation needs of your business and select right choice of services across the cloud providers.
  2. While on the cloud, enterprises should have an evergreen or “stay relevant” framework which will continuously bubble up the alternate and new services to save cost, improve performance and enhance the innovation.