Infrastructure Task automation

Complexity is increasing with multi-Cloud/Hybrid-Cloud environments. With scale, it becomes imperative to orchestrate your infra landscape with the power of automation – simplify, achieve speed and scale

Network automation

Streamline your network Operations with Lifecycle Automation. Embrace automation to deliver consistent polices across the landscape for seamless upgrades and changes.

Combine the power of Robotic process automation, AI/ML and technologies like Ansible to automate various actions both in physical and virtual to deliver zero touch networks and zero down time

Dev Ops Automation

Integrate Source Control Management, Enterprise Container repository, CI/CD tools and Kubernetes clusters for seamless application deployment.

Increase the delivery velocity and team productivity by automating every possible manual step. Reduce the manual errors significantly with automation and deliver high quality software

Automated Infrastructure

Integrate infrastructure element provisioning, configuration management and application deployment in Infrastructure As a Code solution to built end to end environment.
Leverage technologies like Chef, Puppet, Terraform, Ansible to deliver agile and error free Infrastructure, self-healing environments, automated configurations and unform security controls

Why Codincity

We bring contextualized solutions to solve your problems leveraging our reusable knowledgebase, right fit solutions from partner eco system combined with the power of highly experience talents

Automation technologies supported