Undifferentiated heavy lifting helps propel your apps and underlying infrastructure into the cloud. As more and more applications become cloud-borne, drifting from architectural best practices becomes a real challenge – often leading to cost overruns, the introduction of unintended security gaps, decreased resilience, and increased operational complexity. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to undertake periodic reviews of cloud deployment to assess the quantum of deviation and apply appropriate remediations.

About Well Architected Review

Well-Architected Review helps customers baseline their cloud deployment and implement targeted actions to improve and maintain cloud platform maturity to realize true cloud potential. In short, it is

  • Multi-dimensional, best practices aligned review based on a Well-Architected Framework
  • Discovers cost savings opportunities 
  • Evaluates security posture, reliability, and scalability of workloads
  • Identifies required adaptations to align with sustainability goals of organizations
  • Accounts for business priorities and constraints vis-à-vis industry standards 
  • Come up with actionable and targeted remediations with prioritization for quick wins

There are several reasons why such a review is required. Some of the reasons include

  • Over a period, alignment with best practices is drifted
  • Businesses end up spending more than required
  • Operations become tedious and unmanageable due to the introduction of services 
  • Provides baseline to initiate “remediations” 
  • Cloud services become legacy with CSP introducing new services

Our Approach

Key pillars of our approach are comprehensive planning, collaboration with stakeholders, utilizing experience from similar engagement in the form of curated knowledge, and largely automated discovery of existing setup using CodinGarage.

With our collective experience in the area of cloud and Infrastructure services, we have developed a curated knowledge base which is a key enabler in looking at the data from cloud environments, bringing the right interpretations leading to decisions and making the right recommendation.

This battle-tested approach gives us an edge over the competition to complete reviews promptly with a focus on business outcomes. Some of our recent reviews and subsequent remediations have delivered the following business outcomes

  • $24000 pa savings opportunities identified for a start-up product company in the USA
  • From unknown to confident security posture journey for a FinTech loan origination application in 6 weeks
  • Frequent application downtime to 24×7 availability for a Site Safety Management company in the USA

Value Proposition

Meticulous planning, proven multi-cloud hybrid architects with diverse global implementation experience, and actionable & prioritized recommendations considering business priorities are some of the features of Well-Architected Reviews by Codincity. The cost of remediation is more than compensated by the AWS Credits to our customers. It’s a win-win proposition for all stakeholders.

The following diagram depicts the value proposition canvas.


With a growing number of organizations accelerating cloud adoption and developers encouraged to experiment with innovative approaches, the core business-critical non-functional requirements such as security, costs, resilience, and operational excellence are either ignored or not given due consideration.

Regular review of a cloud platform for adherence to best practices not only helps organizations keep their platform “business ready and compliant” but also derives the value from their investments. The significance of this exercise is evident in the remediation credits, up to $5000, provided by AWS. It’s time for a free review!

How we can help

As a well-architected partner, with industry-recognized professional architects for demonstrated business outcomes, Codincity helps you carry out cost-neutral assessment and remediation.

To know more, email us engage@codincity.com