Programmable cloud

IT teams hits low productivity when the developers are tasked with both developing feature rich application and handling code deployment life cycle to meet the business demands. This potentially leads to employee dissatisfaction among the developers as they will need to manage the entire application and cloud services release management process. A dedicated DevOps team equipped with automation capabilities not only take care of the release process but also automate the entire process to improve the productivity and quality.

Save up to 50% of devops cost, achieve seamless execution with a DevOps platform, built with cloud native services, open-source tools and integrated with applied AI.

Our Devops SMEs are specialized in developing deployment automations for both application and Cloud services. They can develop it with cloud native services or open-source tools for building a CI/CD.

Our Services help Clients to free their development teams from the release hardships and create deployment automations through the Industry standard tools. This services also makes it seamless for the developers to adopt to the application development life cycle and to meet with the business needs of their end Clients.

Our Proposition

  • Leverage our Opensource tool set with Standardized CI CD processes and industrialized Devops support.
  • Applied AI for intelligent DevOps.
  • Our approach starts with an assessment of the existing application and landscape to understand the deep dependencies among the applications.
  • Apply contextual practices that are relevant for running these applications on managed platforms on Cloud.
  • Leverage our reusable automation scripts and templates for building a CI/CD platform.

Why choose us

We deliver zero touch cloud through our platform CodinGarage. Our clients achieve