Harness the power of Data with AI

Transform your data challenges into opportunities. Say goodbye to data silos and embrace integrated Data Management practices aligned with your business objectives. Accelerate data ingestion, preparation, and modeling for data analytics with effective machine-learning-based solutions. Our expertise in feature engineering unveils highly optimized and accurate data models. The consequent automated and secure data pipelines make the Data DevOps reliable, adaptable, and efficient.

Unlock cost savings in intensive analytics workloads through our uniquely innovative execution model, COINS, which seamlessly encapsulates the FinOps paradigm.

Data Governance

Modern Enterprises are dealing with humungous amounts of data stored in disparate systems leading to high levels of fragmentation. Our services help clients to organize, transform, and optimize data across organizational silos. The resulting processed data is readily available for analysis and action according to business goals.

Tools & Technologies we use

Data Engineering

Enable your Advanced Analytics Capabilities and improve your data accessibility to fast track the data driven decision making process with our unique execution models and accelerators

Tools & Technologies we use

Artificial Intelligent for Data

Our Machine Learning capabilities help you to uncover hidden information embedded in business data leading to better, faster, and more rewarding outcomes. We bring unique execution models to control your life cycle cost on Cloud while running complex resource-intensive algorithms on voluminous data as part of operations.

Tools & Technologies we use

Our Proposition

We ensure that insights are generated to deliver business value while maintaining highly secure data management
throughout your organization

  • We revolutionize your data services by implementing cutting-edge DataOps and MLOps practices.

  • Our talent model is unique for data services, ensuring a contextualized expertise in the field to accelerate your Data and AI services

  • CodinPathFinder is an integrated, native solution designed to facilitate the exploration and selection of deep learning models for specific problem domains.
  • Our finops solution COINS, tailored specifically for data and analytics workloads, enables the ongoing optimization of the cost of analytics services