Cloud Services

Cloud is the bedrock on which digital innovation is taking flight. It is changing the way businesses are adopting emerging technology and fuelling innovation. It is providing agility, flexibility, scalability, features, and competitive edge in completely unique ways and establishing a new normal. Cloud is the core. It is not a choice anymore!

Codincity delivers futuristic Cloud solutions at an accelerated pace and at a lower cost while ensuring Cloud governance, compliance, security, and cost needs of your organization.

We are your trusted partner to future proof your cloud with right choice of programmable cloud, enhanced with applied AI in this rapidly evolving and emerging world.

Our services comprising of seasoned cloud professionals are augmented with our innovative cloud solution platform, CodinGarage.

With our collective experience and expertise, we help you to focus on your core competency while you leave the rest to us.


Adopt cloud with a secure and scalable cloud foundation at a 5x speed. Make your cloud intelligent with Applied AI integration


Realizing the true potential of cloud with cloud native services and transform your architecture with containers and IaC.


Embrace Cloud native solutions that are specialized and industry specific to stay ahead in your business.

Why choose us

We deliver zero touch cloud through our platform CodinGarage. Our clients achieve