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Databases, data services, Data warehouse, Data lake, API exposition, Analytics, Event driven systems, streaming, and messaging platforms the flow of data and persistence in systems of record are some of the readily available boon for a data platform requirement in cloud technologies. Eventual consistency, Very high availability, accuracy, elasticity, resiliency, cost effectiveness, Global are some of the several common capabilities that users now expect to see in cloud-native data platforms.

Considering the volume, velocity, variety, and value of your data, our SMEs are happy to assist for evaluating when to employ a relational, columnar, document-oriented, key-value, graph model, or schema-driven vs. schema less approach, ETL, ELT, Orchestration, Archiving and so on.

Our Proposition

  • Expertise in wide variety of data services in cloud.
  • Expertise in wide variety of data services in cloud.
  • Industry best practices and modernised data platform build approaches.
  • Classical SQL and NoSQL DBMS on cloud, Big Data / Data Warehouse / Data lake architecture build and management.
  • Real-time Data Processing, analytics, Reporting and visualizations.
  • API’s architectures for data exposition.

  • Data Engineering platform best practices and cost-effective solutions.

Why choose us

We deliver zero touch cloud through our platform CodinGarage. Our clients achieve