Migrate fast

MMigrating from on-premise to cloud is a complex exercise which requires cloud migration expertise, right tools and technologies along with proper governance and a well-oiled execution engine. Many migration programs struggle in execution due to the above-mentioned reason. Delays in migration will derail the business plan, ROI from cloud adoption and leave an impact on the digital transformation.

Our Cloud Migration Specialists combined with CodinGarage will migrate your workloads with 5x speed and save migration cost up to 50%.

Our cloud migration service offers a well-defined process, frameworks, accelerators and governance to deliver migration programs from planning to migration. Our tools and solutions has deep capability to assess each application before recommending right choices for the cloud migration.

Our Proposition

  • AI led agile migration methodology for best sequencing and execution.
  • Each step in the migration process has our solutions and automated methods embedded for faster migration.
  • Strong program governance leveraging industry leading project and program management principles.
  • Govern the migration with well defined success criteria.

Why choose us

We deliver zero touch cloud through our platform CodinGarage. Our clients achieve