Run it Smart

Cloud has become a common denominator for many of the Clients to accelerate their business needs and to raise the horizon with new innovative solutions. While Clients look at opportunities to improve their business value, they get entangled with ongoing management of cloud services.

A cloud landscape undergoes changes constantly. Over a period, it leaves orphaned, unwanted, and unsecured cloud resources which are not only having cost impact but can potentially risk the business. Our AI leveraged Evergreen solution ensures, the cloud landscape is always latest and consistently removes the legacy.

Codincity deliver autonomous cloud operations leveraging the power of automation and Applied AI at a lower cost while ensuring Cloud governance, compliance, security, and cost needs of your organization.

Our SREs combined with the power of CodinGarage can help you to run autonomous operations and saves up to 50% of your operations cost.

Our cloud managed services combined with CODINGARAGE provides Clients with ability to manage all the three facets of managing a Cloud environment viz

We leverage Applied AI to make your cloud operations intelligent and smarter. Use the power of automation for minimal intervention and deliver high quality.

Our Proposition

  • Extensive support to cover K8s Operations and Cloud Native services.
  • Applied AI solutions to make the cloud operations Intelligent driven.
  • Extreme automation in operations to improve efficiency of the services.
  • Leverage our Ever Green framework to stay future proofed.
  • Periodic reviews aligned to Well Architected Framework for betterment of services.

Why choose us

We deliver zero touch cloud through our platform CodinGarage. Our clients achieve