Build it right

Cloud Services have become a natural choice for Clients while developing digital solutions and to meet new age technology innovation that every business look for. This means Cloud landscape must have a strong foundation laid out with respect to Scalability, Security and Cost. The cloud of today and tomorrow should be an autonomous and intelligent cloud.

Integrate the cloud with feature rich tools built on applied AI/ML, power your cloud to an intelligence cloud and help with ease of management and lower cost of operations.

Our Cloud Architects help you to deploy a programable, intelligent cloud with extreme automation and Applied AI.

Our Cloud foundation services helps to design a strong foundation and enable secure cloud landing zone for accelerating the cloud adoption journey. This service provides a wider coverage in establishing well defined catalog of core services such as compute, storage, network, containers, server-less and security in a standardized fashion for the scale needed by its businesses. During design we address your carbon neutral and go green requirements.

Our Proposition

  • Build cloud foundation on Well architected framework as core principle.
  • AI embedded right sizing tool to address your Carbon neutral and go green requirements.
  • Enhance your cloud with Codincity extreme automation and Applied AI.
  • Delivered by experienced pool of cloud native architects and specialists.

Why choose us

We deliver zero touch cloud through our platform CodinGarage. Our clients achieve