Optimizing cloud spending is the biggest challenge that even huge organizations face. They must align best practices, tools, and governance procedures to realize efficiencies across the cloud environment. Codincity, brings you the expert knowledge, skills, and collaborative processes required to optimize costs and enhance governance in your multi-cloud environment.

Our certified cloud experts will collaborate & work with you proactively to scope strategic actions that deliver optimized results.


Identify Underutilized, Orphaned, Idle Resources and automatically discover cost optimization opportunities. Get automated recommendations with applied AI. Manage multi-cloud costs with financial accountability, budgets and forecasts through a unified and seamless experience.

Lean Cloud Operations

CodinGarage helps you to run the operations in a highly industrialized mode with extreme automation and standardized execution. Our SREs empowered with CodinGarage, DevOps and with continuous automation strategies will bring down the cost of operations up to 50%

Integrate CloudOps, FinOps, & SecOps teams and, run a combined governance and execution for greater efficiency, better control for cost and security.

Evergreen Landscape

Continuously review your cloud landscape against a well-architected framework using a customized audit framework for future-proofing, performance, and cost-saving.